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Paragon Wealth Management CEO David Young
David Young
Founder and CEO at Paragon Wealth Management
Previous: Multiple Businesses
Education: Brigham Young University
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Paragon Wealth Management Nathan White
Nathan White
Chief Investment Officer at Paragon Capital Management
Current: Paragon Wealth Management
Previous: Fidelity Investments
Education: Westminster College
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Paragon Wealth Management KaNeil Menlove
KaNeil (Tucker) Menlove
Vice President of Operations
Previous: Osborn Companies, LC, Tule River Tribal Council
Education: Utah Valley University
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Over 29 Years Of Success
Dave Young, president of Paragon Wealth Management, understands how difficult it can be to find an investment firm. He tried to find one in the mid-1980s, but none fit the bill. He wanted to find a company that would invest the money he earned from selling more than a dozen of his businesses. He wasn’t willing to risk his life savings following the traditional buy-and-hold programs promoted by most investment firms.

Dave took the next year off to research various investment and money management strategies. In 1986, he started what is now called Paragon Wealth Management (formerly called The Center for Financial Excellence) and began investing his life savings to test his methods. In the early years of his business, he built and tested basic quantitative models that determined when to be in or out of the equity markets. He did this through trial, error and extensive research. The models measured, monitored, adjusted and changed the investments as market conditions changed.

At first he managed his own accounts, as well as the accounts of a few friends and family members. When he avoided the 1987 stock market crash, his methods sparked interest and attracted clients. In 1993, Dave registered Paragon with the Securities Exchange Commission, added staff, and began attracting clients with larger portfolios. He built more sophisticated and complex quantitative models to determine when to move between various sectors, styles and markets. Portfolio allocations were based around short-term, intermediate and long-term models.

Dave’s investment management venture has not only benefited his family and friends, but has helped clients provide the best for their families.
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