Written by Dave Young, President & Founder of Paragon Wealth Management

For some
reason, it has always been easier to lose money than it is to make it and keep

your own investments can be done successfully, but it is not easy. First, it
requires a time commitment to research and track your investments. Second, it
requires discipline to stick with your strategy through challenging times.
Third, and most difficult, it requires you to remove emotion from your
investment process.

have shown that most investors would be better off with the help of a financial
adviser. Unfortunately, finding the “right” adviser is difficult. Most
investors hire someone they “trust”. However, “trust” is very intangible and
difficult to quantify. Also, the size of the firm or familiarity of the brand
name does not indicate the quality of the advice provided.

To make
sure you don’t get stuck with a salesperson when you are really looking for an
adviser, make sure you ask these four questions:

  • Fiduciary?
    Fiduciary advisers have a legal obligation to put your
    interests ahead of their own.  A minority
    of all financial advisers actually meet the fiduciary requirement.
  • Experience?
    How many years have they been managing money? Ideally, your
    adviser has experience investing in both good markets and bad markets. In the
    final analysis, you are paying an adviser for their experience.
  • Track
    advisers will be able to show you a clear report of what they’ve done for their
    clients over the years. Any adviser who refuses to show you their past performance
    should be crossed off your list.
  • Conflict
    of interest?
    working only with advisers who are paid through management fees and not
    commissions you can make sure their interests are aligned with yours.You
    should never own a product with a surrender charge.
As I mentioned, it has always been easier to lose
money than it is to make money. Implementing these tips will help you find a
great adviser.
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