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Written by Dave Young, President of Paragon

We are regularly asked our opinion on whether or not investors should buy gold. We’ve written about it in the past, but I wanted to give you an update of where we stand now.

Gold is being promoted on a host of television shows. There are a nonstop barrage of advertising promoting it.

Usually buying gold through the brokers that are pitching it on TV is the most expensive way to buy it. If I wanted to buy gold, I wouldn’t buy it through those costly pitchmen.

For the record, at Paragon we are not buying gold right now. That doesn’t mean we are anti-gold, it just means we don’t want to buy it right now. Over the years we have bought and sold gold many times when the valuations made sense.

Our reluctance to buy gold doesn’t mean it won’t keep going up from these already stretched levels. Once a trend establishes itself, it can keep running as long as people keep buying.

An upward trend is not a reflection of value, it simply means there are more buyers than sellers. Right now there seems to be no shortage of buyers.

We aren’t buying gold right now because we cannot justify that it is worth what it is selling for. It’s valuations are severely stretched.

Fear is driving gold purchases.

There is uncertainty in the Middle East, issues with Libya, European debt issues, endless U.S. Government spending and the all encompassing fear of inflation.

At Paragon, we make money by buying early in trends and selling when the trends start to roll over. Most trends in the market last between six and 24 months. While we don’t know how much further gold will run before it rolls over, we do know that it is not early in its trend. We also know that it is anything but cheap.

The only way I would buy gold right now would be for a short-term trading play. However, if I really wanted to make a short-term trading play on metals, I would buy silver instead of gold. It tends to follow the same trends as gold, but move a little harder up and down. Bottom line, I would not take a long-term position in gold at these levels.

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