Wealth Management Cycle

Based on a series of meetings, together with additional meetings scheduled at your discretion, our systematic consulting process allows us to:

  • Understand your values
  • Understand your financial goals
  • Create the best possible plan to achieve your goals
  • Keep your plan on track through each step of the process

Discovery Meeting

This interview allows Paragon to assess the current state of your financial affairs and identify the obstacles you face in meeting all of your financial goals, including your tax situation and estate planning considerations. Please provide us with the following material:

  • Tax returns for the last two years
  • A personal net worth statement
  • Current bank, mutual fund, brokerage and retirement plan statements
  • Life insurance and annuity policies
  • Wills or trusts
  • Any other documents that would help us fully understand your financial situation

Investment Policy Statement Meeting

You receive a complete diagnostic of your current situation and an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which clearly outlines the recommended portfolio strategy to help you meet your goals. Every IPS is customized to match your risk tolerance with your need for income, liquidity and return.

While you may be tempted to immediately implement your IPS, we will wait until you have had time to thoroughly review it. We are each looking for a lifelong relationship, so we want to make sure we are both completely comfortable with every step of the process.

Mutual Commitment Meeting

If we agree that Paragon can add significant value to your financial life, and a mutually satisfying relationship has been established, we'll make a commitment with each other to work toward achieving your goals--and then execute the documents necessary to put your IPS into motion.

45-Day Follow-up Meeting

If you are transferring multiple investment accounts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork you receive during the implementation stage. At this meeting, Paragon helps you organize all your paperwork and ensures that you understand exactly what is happening with your money.

We also make sure we have all the information necessary to complete your Wealth Management Plan (WMP). This document directs all of our work together. It describes your current sit­uation, com­pares it to your desired results and creates incentive for reaching your goals--including asset and income protection, and investment, tax and estate planning. By creating, following and periodically updating your WMP, we can offer you the highest probability of meeting your most important financial goals.

What to bring:

  • All the new account paperwork that you will receive in the mail
  • Any questions you may have regarding the implementation of your investment plan

Wealth Management Plan Presentation Meeting

In this meeting, you will be presented with a custom WMP that addresses all areas of your financial situation, along with a schedule that breaks the plan down into tasks, assigns responsibility for each task and outlines specific timelines. We will work with your lawyer, accountant or any other professional advisors as needed to ensure that all tasks are completed to your satisfaction.

Regular Progress Meetings

These meetings, which we schedule semi-annually or at intervals convenient to you, give us an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation and make adjustments as needed. We also review your risk tolerance and overall progress toward your long-term financial goals and update your IPS when necessary.