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Best of Utah Valley

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Best of Utah Valley

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You voted for your faves and we heard your raves. Now here’s the cream of the crop, the top of the heap and (according to ya’ll) the best in the west.

Adventurer Tracks Opportunity

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Dave Young the Magician


Featured in Utah Valley Magazine’s May/June issue.

Hunter Dave Young is also a former world-class magician who toured for more than four years before becoming a successful entrepreneur and then a finacial adviser who owns Paragon Wealth Management in Provo. Dave is Utah Valley Magazine’s new columnist.

Five years ago Dave Young, owner of Paragon Wealth Management, made a goal to harvest a mountain goat that was among the world’s 10 largest. After two failed attempts to get the record-setting goat in Alaska, Dave set his sites on the British Columbia/Yukon border in the fall of 2006.

“Getting to where the world’s largest goats are takes an immense amount of concentration,” says Dave, whose first column in Utah Valley Magazine appears on page 111. “We were scaling 60-to-100-foot cliffs. It’s a mental game.”

After nine days of backpacking, David was finally able to harvest a mountain goat that ranked on the all time “Top 10 in the World” list. He retrieved the goat after it fell more than 2,000 feet into a ravine.

“It took a lot of patience and determination,” David says. “I learned a ton.”

Dave applies his hunting lessons to his very successful investment business.

Hunting the Stock Market

When he’s not hunting world-class trophies to hang in his Provo office, Dave spends his time managing his successful Top Flight Portfolio.

“What I enjoy most is the challenge of getting something that’s hard to get,” Dave says. “Anyone can go on a safari and shoot a zebra. I enjoy hunting leopards. They’re like mountain lions on steroids. They’re quicker, more aggressive and have a bad attitude. If you make eye-contact with a leopard — they’ll jump at you.”

Dave’s mantra of not taking the easy road translates into how he handles clients’ financial futures.

“It takes a great deal of focus and patience to manage money,” Dave says. “You can’t force the market to do what you want.”

While some financial advisers focus on selling their clients value-added services or simply on their personality, Dave has always relied on investing.

“What sets us apart from other financial advisers is that our fundamental roots lie in investing,” he says. “That has been our primary focus for the past 20 years.” The company does not sell any financial products.

And that effort has not gone unnoticed. Since its inception in January 1998 through December 31, 2007, the Paragon Top Flight Portfolio has generated a total return of 417.34 percent, crushing the 77.42 percent the S&P 500 has posted.

“That works out to a compound annual return of 18.03 percent for Top Flight, versus 5.95 percent for the S&P 500,” Dave says. See www.paragonwealth.com for Paragon’s full disclosure.

Most investment advisers are considered successful if they are able to simply beat the S&P 500.

Paragon’s Top Flight portfolio has far outpaced that standard in all economic conditions the past 10 years.

An investor’s actual returns may vary due to timing of withdrawls, contributions and other factors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Before investing, contact Paragon to discuss your investment objectives, risk tolerance and fees. Investments in securities involve the risk of loss. The S & P index is a market-value weighted index comprised of 500 stocks for market size, liquidity, and industry group representation. It is not possible to directly invest in this index.

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