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Fact Sheet

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  • Registered Investment Advisor.
  • Money management has been our primary focus since we began in 1986.
  • Our approach is disciplined yet flexible and evolving.
  • We don’t rely on market forecasts.
  • We use quantitative models to determine which areas of the market are working, where investors are putting money and which areas have the most potential. These models also tell us which areas to avoid.
  • We do not believe in a “buy and hold” approach.
  • We focus on what each market sector is doing now, not what it has done over the past three to five years.
  • We manage-actively, adjust, move, and change our clients’ portfolios, depending on market conditions.
  • Paragon’s principals and employees invest their personal funds in Paragon’s portfolios.
  • We have Fiduciary Responsibility, which means that legally our clients’ needs always come first.
  • We don’t sell financial products or receive commissions.
  • Clients are free to withdraw their money at any time, there are no surrender charges.

Is Your Investment Advisor Olympic Material?

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Beijing Olympics 2008



photo by http2007

When I think of olympians, I think of the best of the best.

The best track stars, the best gymnasts, the best swimmers (Michael Phelps), etc. To become the best it takes a lot of training, dedication and motivation.

Most people don’t see what these athletes experience behind the scenes to become olympians. They only see the result of what they’ve become.

This is true with investing.

To become an “olympic” investment advisor, it takes a lot of training, dedication,  motivation, and years of experience. A person can invest in the stock market on their own, but usually they won’t get the “olympic” results they are looking for unless they put in an “olympic” type of effort.

That’s why most investors who want “olympic” results hire a professional or an “olympic” advisor to manage their funds. It’s important to find someone who is capable of managing your funds to receive the best performance results. There are many advisors that you can trust and become friends with, but they may not be the best people to manage your life savings.

It is uncommon for an Registered Investment Advisor to post their performance results, especially online. There are many reasons for this, but poor performance is the primary one.

Simply posting our performance numbers is one area that sets us apart from other advisors.

Posting our performance numbers “net of all fees” is another way in which we are unique. We post our portfolio performance numbers, net of all fees” on our website each month. That way an investor can see our actual net results generated on an ongoing basis.

We updated our performance numbers through July 30, 2008, on our website today.

Next time you think about investing, and hiring an investment advisor, look at their performance record, net of all fees, to see if it is “olympic” material.

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