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Stop Spending Now!

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Real American Money

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Written by Dave Young, President of Paragon Wealth Management

In the past we have written about the negative impact of politics on our economy and how politics impact the investment markets.

Political meddling affects the markets in several ways. It creates a host of problems, with slower long-term growth being directly affected.

The problem is fairly simple.

Every couple of years politicians run for office. In order to get elected they make all kinds of promises to those who give them money and votes. In order to pay back their supporters they pass laws and spend money to benefit them. That translates into massive unnecessary spending, which costs everyone but only benefits a few.

The politicians are happy to spend endlessly because they figure that someone else – in the future – will pick up their tab and pay the bill. In other words, there is no accountability or responsibility for their spending because they don’t have to pay for it.

On a national level, the debt they have created has become enormous. The numbers are so huge that most people just glaze over them. In other words, if something doesn’t make sense to us then it doesn’t sink in, and we don’t really understand it. We just ignore it, and we don’t worry about it.

It is time to worry about it.

If this financial mess and its damage is going to be stopped, it is up to the people to get involved and elect people who will stop the out of control spending once and for all.

George Bush was fiscally irresponsible and spent far more than he should have when he was president.

With his promise of “change” Barrack Obama is on track to create a debt in 20 months equal to the debt that it took George Bush eight years to create. After that his own projections show it getting worse.

The short video below puts the debt in perspective. It also shows how insignificant the $100 million dollars that the White House is going to “save” is. It is time to get serious about the debt.

The time for political games is past.

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The Presidential Election is Over!

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Flag over the mountains

Written by Nathan White, CFA

photo by Anzman

I’ve never been so glad to have an election over.

The constant political bombardment seems to leave me shellshocked. My view on politics is dour.

I just plead with whoever is in power not to screw things up too much. Is that really too much to ask?

I want politicians to get out of the way, but since that will never happen the best I can hope for is minimum damage.

Overall, I consider myself a “cynical optimist” with the view that hard work and a good attitude along with a realistic view of things can get us through anything in life. However, when it comes to politics I find myself becoming ever more pessimistic (I guess that is the cynical side of me winning outright). I try to be optimistic, but it is becoming increasingly difficult as I get older.

Pleas for President-elect Obama:  the damage to the markets has been done. Please don’t make it worse.

We don’t need a movie entitled “Hoover/FDR II- the sequel.” Just get out of the way!

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