2015 Best of State Winner Paragon Wealth Management Receives the Wealth Management Advisor’s with Heart Award

Provo, Utah (May 4, 2015) Paragon Wealth Management announced today that Founder and CEO, Dave Young has been chosen as a recipient of the 2015 Advisors with Heart Award from The 10 recipients were chosen from nearly 150 nominations.  Wealth Management’s 35th annual Advisors with Heart Award honors advisors around the nation who put sweat equity into philanthropic and charitable causes. These Financial Advisors go beyond just writing a check or serving on the board of an organization.  Each one brings his or her unique skill set to the table when serving others. “It’s all about empowering single moms and giving them hope. We do it because it’s the right thing to do.” said Young.

Dave Young launched Paragon Wealth Management in 1986 because he wanted to spend more time with his family.  He also realized that investors needed better and more effective ways to invest their money if they wanted to be able to reach their financial goals. He turned a personal knack for investing (and some proprietary momentum trading models) into a financial advisory firm, Paragon Wealth Management, and now oversees some $100 million for about 150 clients.

In 2010 Dave’s son in-law unexpectedly passed away, leaving behind his daughter Katie and his newborn granddaughter. After watching his daughter go through the struggles of single parenthood combined with the financial strain of trying to go back to school to earn her degree, Dave knew he needed to do something.  Together with his daughter Katie, they founded the Live Your Dream Foundation.  It’s sole purpose is to help single mothers obtain a college education to better their futures, support themselves and their families.

Each year the foundation hosts their Pioneer Day “Raft and Run” event where participants paddle five miles down the Provo River, followed by a five-kilometer run. “It’s a unique event,” Young says, and other organizations have approached him about replicating it. Some 300 people participated, and the foundation has raised over $50,000 to fund dozens of scholarships for single mothers with little means to help themselves.

The next goal for the Live Your Dream Foundation is creating an intuitive website where single moms can easily find all the resources they need to put their lives back on track. “These women need someplace they can go where they can say, ‘Yes, I can see a path to this. I can see how to make this happen.” Commented Young.

About Paragon Wealth Management: 

Paragon Wealth Management is registered investment advisor (RIA) located in Provo, Utah. Established in 1986 by Dave Young, the company gives investors a smarter way to invest their money, develop sound investment strategies and achieve financial goals. Paragon was created to provide a more active and personalized alternative to the traditional buy, hold and hope approach to wealth management. Today, after over 28 years of refining proprietary quantitative financial models and building a trusted world-class organization, Paragon offers its clients across the U.S. a unique blend of proactive and proven money management techniques, extraordinary personalized service and a proven track record. For more information about Paragon Wealth Management, please visit:

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