We are excited to announce that our new website is officially launched and finished! We have been working on the plans for this site since last November.

Visit www.paragonwealth.com to see our new and improved site.

We hired Red Olive Design, a design firm in South Jordan, Utah, at the end of March to design our site. We are very happy at the way it turned out. They also designed our new logo, business cards and letterhead.

New features the site:

Every page on the site can be accessed at any time from the top navigation.

We added a slide show of our office. Visit our Visit Us section to see it.

We added new charts to help you see our performance better. Visit our Growth Portfolio Performance page to see our growth portfolio called Top Flight versus the S&P 500. The green area is the S&P 500 and the other area is us.

We added new pictures of our team at Paragon. Visit our Meet Our Team page to see them.

We added pictures throughout the site of mountains and other beautiful landscapes. Many pictures were taken by Dave Young.

We added a new blog. We will be writing on two blogs each week.

We added a Press Room and newsletter section.

We added an Awards section. Visit our Awards page to see them.

We described our services and strategies in more detail.

We added a link to Charles Schwab login to make it easier for clients to login to their accounts.

A flash presentation will be added to the site by the end of this week.