We are excited to introduce
our new website and videos that will be
online in the next week. Over the past few months, we redesigned our
website and created several educational videos on topics such as
proactive vs. passive investing, big vs. small investment firms,
setting your risk tolerance properly, how to select a financial advisor,
and several others. We also created two new videos about Paragon Wealth

Our new website will be very educational for investors. In addition to
the videos, there will also be articles and other tools for you to use.
We hope you
find it helpful. We will let you know when the new site is

Below is a brief, 40 second video about Paragon.

Wealth Management
is a provider of managed portfolios for
individuals and institutions.  Although the information included in this
report has been obtained from sources Paragon believes to be reliable,
we do not guarantee its accuracy.  All opinions and estimates included
in this report constitute the judgment as of the dates indicated and are
subject to change without notice.  This report is for informational
purposes only and is not intended as an offer or solicitation with
respect to the purchase or sale of any security.  Past performance is
not a guarantee of future results.