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Article taken from Paragon Wealth Management 2nd Quarter Newsletter


Written By: Nathan White, Chief Investment Officer


Media & Current Affairs

In the short-term emotions rule and volatility reigns as investors are pushed around by headline news. A study of bear markets by Ed Clissold of NDR showed that bear markets that occur on rallies after recessions tend to be relatively short and not associated with a new recession- a sort of “echo bear”.

Worries of the European debt crisis and its ramifications are coinciding with the slowdown in economic data compounding the market nervousness. Many are worried that the austerity policies being promoted by the European Countries will stifle the economic recovery even though those actions would reduce their large deficits, which are what the markets were worried about in the first place. The U.S. administration is arguing the opposite of the Europeans with the belief that it is too soon to withdraw stimulus and reduce deficits. 

I find it strange that people are fleeing Euro zone currency and debt due to fear over deficits into U.S. government debt, even though the U.S. is preaching more deficit spending? Somehow I don’t think that will end well. We are therefore avoiding long-term U.S. treasuries, as they could be a time bomb waiting to happen. It might not happen soon, but the low return (below three percent for 10-year Treasuries at the time I am writing this) is not worth the risk in our opinion. 

Above all, the market hates uncertainty and with the bear market still very fresh in investor minds we are in a condition where people are very fast to sell and ask questions later. A report in the Wall Street Journal on June 14 by E.S. Browning (Rapid Declines Rattle Even Optimists) showed that the 12.4 percent drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average from the peak on April 26 to June 7 occurred in only 42 days. The article indicated that the only other time that the Dow has fallen that fast in the past 80 years was at the start of the Korean War. 



As I write this article, the S&P 500 is down about 14.5 percent from its peak. That’s only 5.5 percent away from the negative 20 percent that most consider as the condition for a bear market. It seems the market is pricing in a double-dip recession whether it actually unfolds or not! We have been slowly raising cash over the past month or so and as the market continues to show uncertainty. If our indicators weaken, we will raise more, but for now we still want to have exposure to the market as it could strengthen as fear subsides and investors realize that the market has already priced in any bad news. After all, we are still in recovery mode. Although it is weak, a recovery is still a recovery. 

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