A Wealth Manager's Personal Story

Dave YoungDave Young, President of Paragon Wealth Management, understands how difficult it can be to find an investment firm. He tried to find one in the mid 1980's, but was unable to find a firm to meet his needs. He wanted to find a company that would invest the money he earned from selling over a dozen businesses he owned. He wasn’t willing to risk his life savings following the traditional buy and hold programs promoted by most investment firms. He wanted to do more with his money.

Dave took the next year off to research various investment and money management strategies. In 1986 he started what is now called Paragon Wealth Management (formerly called The Center for Financial Excellence) and began investing his life savings to test his methods. In the early years of his business he built and test basic quantitative models that determined when to be in or out of the equity markets. He did this through trial and error and extensive research. The models measured, monitored, adjusted and changed the investments as market conditions changed.

At first he managed his own accounts and a few of his friends' and family members'. When he avoided the 1987 stock market crash, his methods sparked a lot of interest and attracted clients. In 1993, Dave registered Paragon with the Securities Exchange Commission, added staff and began attracting new clients with larger portfolios. He built more sophisticated and complex quantitative models to determine when to move between various sectors, styles and markets. Portfolio allocations were based around short-term, intermediate and long-term models.

At the end of 1997, Dave established Paragon's growth portfolio, Top Flight, which incorporated Paragon's most effective models and systems to date. In 2001, he established Paragon's conservative portfolio, Managed Income, designed as a very conservative alternative for clients who wanted limited volatility. Today, Dave continues to research and develop ways to improve his investment methods.

Dave's investment management venture has not only benefited his family and friends, but has also helped many of his clients provide the best for their families.


The success of Paragon’s management style has attracted local and national attention. Paragon has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Money magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Business Week, Investment News, Dow Jones Newswire, Money Management Executive, Trader Monthly, Advising Boomers, Investment Management Weekly, and various Utah publications. Dave has also appeared on CNBC.

Paragon received the 2011 Best of State Award in Investment Advisory Services, the 2008 Best of State Award in Financial Services, was listed on WealthManagerWeb's 2010 Top Wealth Manager's list, listed on Wealth Manager Magazine's 2008 Top Wealth Managers in the U.S. list, was included in the 2010 National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) Premier Advisors list and others.

Charitable Contributions

Over the past several years, Paragon has helped several Utah charities raise close to $30,000,000. These assets have been used to fund numerous scholarships and other programs. Several charities use Paragon to manage a portion of their assets.

In 2010 Paragon started a scholarship for single mothers called the Live Your Dream Scholarship. The scholarship was inspired by Dave's daughter. Her husband passed away unexpectedly in 2005. The scholarship was created to help women in similar situations. 

Paragon hosts a 5K Run/Walk in May to raise money for the scholarship.

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