Some of you may or may not know a lot about Dave’s wife Cathy. Cathy has a big heart and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure a job gets done right. Together, they have five children and eight grandchildren.

Ten years ago, their son in law, Byron Edwards passed away unexpectedly.  In his memory, Cathy decided to decorate and donate a Christmas tree to the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake.

Then, three years later, their oldest grandson Jack was born with some major medical complications. The doctors only gave him a 10% chance of survival. He was in the intensive care unit at Primary Children’s Hospital for almost four months. The nurses and doctors at Primary Children’s did an excellent job and saved his life. He is now fully recovered and a healthy, happy, seven year old boy.

In memory of Byron and as an expression of their gratitude for what Primary Children’s Hospital did for Jack, every year Cathy teams up with a couple of close friends and decorates a tree. The tree is then donated to the Festival of Trees which raises money for the Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. She has found great pleasure in doing this as a way to pay it forward to other families who use the services of Primary Children’s Hospital.

This year, Cathy and her team decorated the tree with snowmen along with a lot of beautiful and fun ornaments. The tree was auctioned off and sold for $5,000.00. She was very happy that she and her team could raise that much for the Primary Children’s Hospital.

Enjoy scrolling through the pictures of the tree! The tree is beautiful!!!!


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